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Definition: CSA is a movement to help connect community members with a local farm on a weekly basis. 

Designed by a collective of like minded individuals somewhere on some farm long ago, a CSA is based on the wholesome of organic food produced by your family farmer.  A CSA is not a delivery service and is not a cash for produce exchange.   A CSA is the best way for a food consumer to have a direct impact on a family farm, and receive the best local organic produce at a very reasonable cost.

For our farm, the CSA payments we receive in the winter and early spring are the main reason our farm can focus on quality variety choices, customer service, and convenience for everyone.   CSA members play a huge part in our farm for the procurement of farmland,  equipment and materials, and labor to grow great quality organic produce. 

Garden Treasures CSA is an old way to get food- directly from the person who grows it.  We use  modern social networks and a little innovative equipment to remain economical and save our backs.  By eating and farming together in the CSA we strengthen our economy and determine the destiny of local agriculture right here in our community!   Do you know your farmer?  Do you like to have access to a wholesome, clean food supply?

CSA shareholders receive a selection of produce every week for the growing season. Our program is 20 weeks from mid-June thru Thanksgiving.   Expect the weeks of your membership to offer seasonal crops with special fruits,  field washed in season veggie crops and plenty of heirloom flavors to flavor all your home cooked dishes.

Update Winter 2013/14 --Check back in February 2014, for information about next year.  Early enrollment is encouraged, as we will sell out.   Our only delivery location for 2014 is at Sno-Isle COOP in Everett or at local farmers markets, and of course our farm stand in Arlington will be encouraged.

Getting your veggies is easy, but it takes responsibility to make sure you receive your value.  You will need to stop by our farm, or one of our "Drop" locations every week,.   Members can arrange for an alternate pickup person, call to donate or opt out in your CSA account.  You will expect to receive a great box of mixed produce, picked fresh, and of great flavor and variety.

Upon arrival at our farm,  go to the CSA area and gather your share CSA display area is bountiful, and a organized process that takes less than 5 minutes.  Farm Staff is always available for any questions or new members.  Pickup location will have boxes pre-packaged and a checkout form to sign.    We do not offer refunds on shares, and encourage members to double up by (request only), or have us donate it to one of the charities we work during the season.


Please email or call farm with quesitons or to arrange payment by phone or in person.

CSA members have a  major difference in our farm today and in the future, and we encourage all our members to make their commitment as soon as possible in the growing season.

                                                            Phone: 360.435.9272

Please contact our farm to request us to speak for special groups, or interested communities for new drop sites.
Great produce, super friendly owner!
By: gretchen adams    (Aug 18, 2010)

I checked out this Arlington grower/produce stand today after finding it on this site this morning.
I was pleased to find a great assortment for the time of year...Was offered delicious samples..yumm...and was helped by the owner who was very nice~!

I can't wait to check out the nursery when I have time..and maybe do a picking tour.

I will definitely be going back weekly!!
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